What is a Private Pilot License?

A private pilot license training course is offered to a person who wants to become a licensed pilot in preparation for an advanced training program for commercial transportation or who wants to experience the unlimited freedom and love of flying.

This course provides flight training from proficiency level while obtaining private pilot license in 3 to 4 months, of course, with 40 hours of flying time.

After completing this program, one becomes a pilot to fly an aircraft carrying passengers or cargo but not for hire, reward, or remuneration.

What is the full form of PPL?

The full form of PPL is Private pilot licence. A private pilot license (PPL) is a license that allows the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft or helicopter for non-commercial flights. A private pilot training course is ideal for aviation enthusiasts who want to fly. It grows the necessary skills and knowledge that make a student qualified to fly an aircraft. Just as you need a license to drive your car on Indian roads, you also need a license to fly. Also, if you want to become an airline pilot or get paid to fly, you must meet specific requirements, including a pilot’s license. Generally, a private pilot license is acquired through flight training.

Flight training for private pilot license

To begin flying training for your private pilot license, you must enrol in a flight training program. However, flight training programs generally require the prospective pilot to hold a student pilot’s license, as this is necessary for the solo flying training level. A student license is one that confirms that you meet the minimum age and health requirements to fly during flight training. It is important to highlight that while pilots are allowed to fly solo after procurement of approval from a licensed instructor, student pilots cannot act as pilots while carrying passengers or cargo, and cannot be financially compensated for any flight limitations.

The eligibility requirements for applying for a PPL in India are as follows:

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for doing Private pilot Licence in India
Must be at least (17 years old).
Fluent in English (oral and written)
Able to obtain and maintain a Class 2 medical certificate
Minimum Educational Qualification: (10+2 with passing marks in PCM subject).

Common costs of obtaining a private pilot license include:

1. Cost of documentation
2. Floor classes and cost of examination
3. Cost of flight training

1. Documentation: You can outsource this part to someone like a flying school or ground school of your optimal, alternatively, you can do it yourself. Convinced documents are required to initiate and fly the tests. They are as follows:
A. Exam: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the controlling body for civil aviation. DGCA conducts examinations for all types of licenses usually 4 times a year. However, to join these exams, you first need a unique Aadhaar number known as a computer number. Apply for a computer number along with some basic documents. Including identity proof, address proof, 10th class mark card, and its verification. Once you get the computer number you can apply for these exams.
B. In order to fly, one needs to possess certain documents from the concerned board including Class II medical evaluation, police verification, and 10th class mark card verification.

Usually, the cost of this documentation assistance varies from place to place.

2. Ground Classes and Exam Cost: For a Private Pilot Licence, you have to give three exams i.e. Technical General, Composite, and Technical Specific. There are many subjects in these exams. Details of the syllabus can be found under OFLY’s Resources section. Generally, a ground school or an independent instructor can charge anywhere between 80,000-1,50,000, or the charges apply on an hourly basis. The exam fee is currently Rs. 2500 per attempt per exam. No limit on attempts.

3. Flight Training Cost: Flight training cost primarily includes hourly flying charges. Apart from flying fees, flight training schools charge some other fees like admission fees, course material fees, and so on. The flight fare is approximately Rs. 12000 to 18000 per hour based on flight school. You can consider about 45-50 hours of flight training for PPL.

Validity – The license shall be valid for the period specified in rule 39C.

Renewal – A license may be renewed on receipt of satisfactory evidence from the applicant –

The Licence holder satisfactorily completed not less than five hours of flight time as pilot-in-command of an aircraft and satisfactorily completed a flight test within the twelve-month period immediately preceding the date of application for renewal or instead. Within a period of six months preceding the date of application.

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