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Most of us have dreamed of flying at some point in our lives. But being a pilot comes with its fair share of tests and tasks. From investigation and critical thinking to rapid and intelligent decision-making, pilots are essential to possess a variety of skills. Fortunately, there are many flight schools that help you obtain training, and sharpen these skills so that you can fulfil your dream of becoming a pilot and successful the skies. In this blog, we will go through some of the best flying schools in India and the pilot courses offered by these institutes.

Top 5 best Flying Schools in India

Let’s take a detailed look at the best flying schools in India and the popular flying courses
1. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA):
IGRUA is one of the reputed institutions in our country. It is one of the oldest and best flying schools in India and has an amazing reputation. The institute has trained some of the best pilots and continues to train talented pilots. Getting admission to this institution is not everyone’s cup of tea. Candidates are admitted on the basis of a written test of two hours and a written test followed by a panel interview. The company uses a wide variety of aircraft such as the TB-20, Zlin, DA-40, and DA-42 to train candidates.
2. Bombay Flying Club:
Among the best flying schools in India, the Bombay Flying Club was established in 1928. The founder of Bombay Flying Club Mr. JRD Tata was the first to obtain a commercial pilot’s license from this company. The institute is today affiliated with the University of Mumbai and DGCA. Bombay Flying Clubs is equipped with some of the best aircraft like Cessna 152A, PIPER PA18, and Seneca. The basic qualification for commercial pilot training is 10+2 education with passing the class I fitness test.
3. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Limited (AAA):
Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Limited was established in 1994 and is considered one of the best flying schools in India. The club focuses on making the candidates better pilots. The club also has a hangar at Mehsana Airfield at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. It also has a large fleet of training aircraft, including a single-engine Cessna 152.
4. National Flying Training Institute (NFTI):
Next on the list of best flying schools in India is National Flying Training Institute known as CAE Gondia. It is mutually maintained by the Airports Authority of India and the CAE. The institute follows the standards laid down by DGCA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The basic qualification for the candidates is to qualify in the 10+2 system followed by DGCA certified medical examination.
5. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC):
Madhya Pradesh Flying Association was established in 1951. For the initial 31 years, till 1982, it served under the Government of Madhya Pradesh and maintained government aircraft and aircraft. The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club works with the Indian Air Force to train fighter pilots. The club has emerged as one of the most popular flying schools in India and the basic qualification for commercial pilot training is passing 10+2 education and class I fitness test.

Top 5 Pilot Training institutes in India:

Pilot training institutes train a person in all the skills required to fly an aircraft. The courses offered in these institutes focus on teaching an individual the entire process of flying an aircraft with proper direction and proper control. Students are also taught to understand weather forecasts. There are many reputed flying schools recognized by the Directorate of Civil Aviation, these schools are famous for imparting excellent training to students who want to become great pilots. The list of the top five pilot training schools in India.
1. Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai,
2. Pilot Training College (HPTC), Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
3. Orient Flight School, Chennai,
4. Pilot Training Institutes in Kolkata:
5. Acumen Pilot Training Institute, New Delhi

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