RMC Aviation Academy

About RMC Aviation Academy

RMC Aviation Academy is one of the leading Pilot Training organizations in South Africa established by experienced aviation professionals for you. RMC Aviation Academy is well equipped with the best aviation professionals who mentor you and their motive is to train pilots to the highest standard of excellence in aviation, safety, education, competency, and command to achieve them individual, personal and professional aviation goals.The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA) approved qualification thus RMC aviation academy offers valuable experience and professional pre-employment skills that give us students a flying start to their aviation career. The Aviation Academy pilot programs fulfills your dream of flying, either as an aviation enthusiast or as a commercial pilot, our first-class training programs can help you get your journey out the ground and put your aspirations within reach.The Aviation academy pilot programs caters for airline pilot training for both national and international students from all parts of the world. 

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    For training as an Airline Pilot, there is none better to be found in South Africa. The goal of RMC Aviation Academy’s aim is to produce professional pilots who value LIFE the most and to excellently serve the world aviation industry.
    RMC Aviation Academy offers jobs placement and fly for major Airlines throughout the World. RMC Aviation Academy pilot programs will lead to train pilots in a traditional way, gaining confidence and experience, through the development of knowledge and skills by progression licenses and ratings to get a professional edge by training to an airline standard using the latest technology, a modern fleet and highly skilled instructors that have a reputation for producing pilots that are in demand.
    In order to prepare for an advanced training programme for commercial transportation RMC Aviation Academy offers to enjoy the limitless freedom and romance of flying, the PPL training course is available to everyone who wishes to become a licenced pilot.
    Our aviation academy pilot programs provide basic training to obtain a private pilot’s licence, this school provides flight instruction. Of course, at RMC Aviation Academy you get 40 hours of flying time throughout those three to four months. After completing the aviation academy pilot programmes, a person is qualified to fly an aeroplane carrying passengers or cargo without being paid or receiving any other compensation.