Commercial Pilot License course in India

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a license issued by the DGCA that allows students to act as a pilot in command of any aircraft and earn remuneration for doing so. A CPL holder can perform flying duties in single and multi-engine aircraft and also act as a co-pilot on the aircraft. The CPL course in India is about piloting the aircraft in the air which includes general flying, flight test, and skill tests as per DGCA requirements. CPL training has become very popular among students who want to fly every discipline of the CPL curriculum which has increased the number of flight schools and flight clubs in India. Interested candidates can join the course by appearing in various exams or sometimes it can be merit-based for some institutes. After completing the CPL course, candidates have to complete a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of one year of training and apply for jobs in government and private airlines where they are paid as a pilot, carrying cargo, passengers, and perform other functions including aerial reconnaissance, search, and rescue.

Commercial Pilot License Course:

The CPL course includes 80 hours of ground education sessions and 200 hours of flying training. The training consists of three stages: ground training, simulator training, and flying training. The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course is concerned with piloting airplanes and providing a successful journey to their passengers. CPL course offers huge career opportunities in aviation and today CPL graduates earn handsome salaries in India and abroad.

35 Hours of Dual Instruction: Commercial Pilot – Pacific Professional Aviation Centre | PPFC | Pro IFR
5 hours of X-Country
20 hours of tool time.
5-hour double night
30 hours of separate flight time
25 hours of general training including radio and radio communication
5 hours on a single night
A non-stop cross-country flight of at least 300 nautical miles with landings at 3 airports other than the airport of departure
A minimum of 50 hours of ground school. Including instruction in aviation law, weather, navigation, and general knowledge.

What is the full form of CPL?

CPL Full Form is: Commercial Pilot Licence
C = Commercial

P = Pilot

L = Licence

CPL Cost in India

India can become a treasure house for aspiring pilots with the right information and guidance. With a proven education system and a history of distinguished pilots from our country, India is one of the best options to start your pilot training.

A part of our Indian culture, the unique teacher-student relationship that only a flying school in India can offer is something that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. As a result, the student feels confident in learning the nuances of the field and sharing their doubts with qualified instructors.

Getting trained in India is cost-effective. The cost of pilot training in India from India flying schools ranges from 24-35 lakhs. India offers a wide variety of airspace for training, from uncontrolled airfields to busy commercial airports, providing a real-life experience for pilots interested in handling difficult radiotelephony and instrument approach procedures at an affordable cost.

Being able to fly in Indian airspace following the appropriate regulations from a DGCA-approved flying school in India gives students an edge over others while helping them hone their flying skills and build their confidence. This helps airlines to be future-ready. Finally, training in India

CPL Eligibility:

CPL in India is a highly sought-after career in the aviation industry. To be eligible for this program, the student must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:-
12th with Physics and Math.
The age limit should be a minimum of 17 years or above.
Students should be medically qualified as per the medical standards of DGCA.

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