Private Pilot License (PPL)

Started on June 14, 2024

RMC Aviation Academy offers Private Pilot License (PPL)

In order to prepare for an advanced training programme for commercial transportation or to enjoy the limitless freedom and romance of flying, the PPL training course is available to everyone who wishes to become a licenced pilot.

From basic training to obtaining a private pilot’s licence, this school provides flight instruction. Of course, you get 40 hours of flying time throughout those three to four months.

After completing this programme, a person is qualified to fly an aeroplane carrying passengers or cargo without being paid or receiving any other compensation.

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    RMC Aviation Academy Courses Overview and Timeline

    Step 1
    Enrolment, Documentation, Medical, Orientation, etc.
    Step 2
    Ground classes/ Student Pilot Training in South Africa
    Step 3
    PPL training (Private Pilot Licensing)
    Step 4
    CPL training (Commercial Private Licensing)
    Step 5
    After Completion of 2 years of Training (Ground Classes/SPL + PPL + CPL), Internship will be start for next 2 Years
    Step 6
    After Internship, we will offer 5 year job of 7-13 lakhs Rs /Month in CANADA accordingly processed for PR
    Flying Hours
    Annual Cadets Training Capacity
    DGCA Approved Simulators
    Conversions & Recencies Done

    Elegibility Requirements

    You must be at least 17 years old, have a current Student Pilots Licence, and be in possession of a class II medical certificate in order to be eligible for the South African Private Pilot’s Licence. A grade two flying instructor must conduct a practical flight test. The MINIMUM criteria before starting the practical flight test are as follows:

    • Minimum requirement of 17 years or older
      Hold a class II medical licence.
    • Hold a certificate for limited or general radiotelephony
      Hold a current student pilot’s licence.
    • Hold a certificate of language competency from ICAO (min. level 4).
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