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A course of study needed to learn how to fly an aeroplane is called flight training. The development and practise of fundamental airmanship abilities is the overarching goal of primary and intermediate flight instruction.

As long as all experience criteria for the desired pilot certificate/license are satisfied, flight training can be undertaken under a structured certified curriculum with a flight instructor at a flight school or as individual lessons with no syllabus with a flight instructor.

Typically, flight training combines the following two elements:

Administered in the aircraft or on a flight training device that has received certification.

Aeronautical theory is taught in Ground School mostly as a classroom lecture or lesson by a flight instructor in order to prepare the student for their written, oral, and flight exams.

Student Resources of Flying School in pune

Candidates should take the AME CET if they want to be considered for admission to the best universities’ Pilot Training programmes. Additionally, the following details describe how to apply for admission to the institutes via AME CET

After passing the AME CET entrance exam, the applicant may enrol in one of Pune’s top pilot training facilities.

Main Courses of Flying School in Pune

Many topics are covered in the Commercial Pilot course syllabus.

1Air Navigation
2Air Regulations
3Aviation Meteorology
4Technical General
5Technical Specific Radio Telephony

Admission Process in Flying School in Pune

Candidates for the Commercial Pilot in Pune flying Academy course should confirm that they meet the precise requirements for eligibility. Additionally, the complete eligibility requirements are listed below: –

  • The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing the course of Commercial Pilot from one of the topmost institutes should take AME CET.
  • The candidate must have qualified his/ her 12th exam with Science stream with PCM/ 3 years Engineering Diploma from a recognised board/ university.
  • The age of the candidate must be a minimum of 17 years or above.
  • One must be medically fit.

From institute to institute, there are differences in the costs associated with commercial pilot training. However, the cost varies depending on a number of elements, such as the campus, amenities, infrastructure, etc. In Pune training institutes, the course fee typically ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs for the full programme. The candidate will receive a licence in this field once they have finished the entire course

Career Prospects

Pune, a burgeoning hub for aviation enthusiasts, hosts several flying schools that present promising career opportunities for aspiring pilots. These institutions, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation professionals.

Aspirants attending flying schools in Pune not only undergo comprehensive training programs but also gain exposure to a dynamic learning environment. The career prospects are vast, ranging from commercial airline pilots to private charter operators. Graduates often find themselves well-prepared for the challenges of the aviation industry, armed with the necessary knowledge, skills, and certifications.

Pune’s strategic location as a growing economic center contributes to an increased demand for skilled aviation professionals, further enhancing the job prospects for those completing their training in the city. The symbiotic relationship between Pune’s flying schools and the expanding aviation sector ensures that career opportunities abound for those with a passion for taking to the skies.

Additionally, Pune Flying Academy’s staff and instructors are attentive to you and always willing to help. The ambiance is fantastic. They genuinely support each student in realising their potential and pursuing their objectives. The lecturers’ excellent teaching techniques make each lesson engaging and educational. They are ready at all times to answer any questions or concerns



Accredited Training

Experienced Instructors

Modern Fleet

Safety Focus

Career Support

12 to 18 lakh rupees. Around the world, pilot training is fairly expensive.

You should dress comfortably. Wear a sweater or a coat because it could get chilly during the winter. It can get a little warm during the flight in the summer, so please wear comfortable, lightweight clothing. The training aircraft lack air conditioning.

10+2 in science is required as a minimum, and 17 years old is the minimum age for courses in pilot training.

Students learn about aerodynamics, propulsion, theories of flight, radio communication, navigation, and other topics. The ability to engage with math and science easily will make it simple to comprehend crucial lessons while flying