Flying School In Bengaluru


A course of study needed to learn how to fly an aeroplane is called flight training. The development and practise of fundamental airmanship abilities is the overarching goal of primary and intermediate flight instruction.

As long as all experience criteria for the desired pilot certificate/license are satisfied, flight training can be undertaken under a structured certified curriculum with a flight instructor at a best flight school in Bengaluru or as individual lessons with no syllabus with a flight instructor.

Typically, flying school in Bengaluru training combines the following two elements:

Administered in the aircraft or on a flight training device that has received certification.

Aeronautical theory is taught in flying School in Bengaluru mostly as a classroom lecture or lesson by a flight instructor in order to prepare the student for their written, oral, and flight exams.

Student Resources of Flying school in Bengaluru:-

Candidates should take the AME CET if they want to be considered for admission to the best flying school in bangalore Pilot Training programmes. Additionally, the following details describe how to apply for admission to the institutes via AME CET

After passing the AME CET entrance exam, the applicant may enrol in one of the best flying school in Bengaluru with top pilot training facilities.

Main Courses of Flying School in Bengaluru

Many topics are covered in the Commercial Pilot course syllabus.

Additionally, the full list of subjects is provided below:

  • Air Navigation;
  • Air Regulations;
  • Aviation Meteorology;
  • Technical General;
  • Technical Specific Radio Telephony

Admission Process in Flying School in Bengaluru

Candidates for the Commercial Pilot flying school in Bengaluru course should confirm that they meet the precise requirements for eligibility. Additionally, the complete eligibility requirements are listed below: –

  • The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing the course of Commercial Pilot from one of the best flying school in Bengaluru should take AME CET.
  • The candidate must have qualified his/ her 12th exam with Science stream with PCM/ 3 years Engineering Diploma from a recognised board/ university.
  • The age of the candidate must be a minimum of 17 years or above.
  • One must be medically fit.

From institute to institute, there are differences in the costs associated with commercial pilot training. However, the cost varies depending on a number of elements, such as the campus, amenities, infrastructure, etc.Flying school in Bengalure the course fee typically ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs for the full programme. The candidate will receive a licence in this field once they have finished the entire course.


  • The flying school in Bengalure has better infrastructure then other schools in all over the world.
  • While studying in this best flying school in bengalure we have the better feeling that we are higher than everyone on the earth.
  • We have the better skill then the other field oriented courses.
  • We have the better placement opportunity than other courses while pusuing in the flying school in Bengaluru.



Accredited Training

Experienced Instructors

Modern Fleet

Safety Focus

Career Support

Banks or NBFCs may offer students an education loan for pilot training. To find out which lenders offer loans for aviation courses in India, read the post below. By submitting an application for the PNB Udaan programme, you can obtain a loan from Punjab National Bank to pay for your aviation course tuition.

The calculations themselves are simple once you comprehend the concepts. All you really need is a solid grasp of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division along with some practise with mental math.

Candidates for the pilot training programme must have completed their 10+2 in the sciences with a minimum grade of 50%. Candidates who want to pursue a career in aviation must take mathematics and physics as required courses.

1,00,000 will be required at check-in. For registered students, the hourly rate is Rs. 1000; for unregistered students, it is Rs. 1500.